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Great post :D

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my tablet died and while i buy new one, wanted to play deck on PC using bluestack. I set up 3 gmail accounts (same as on tablet). I dont remember ever to link my igg account to gmail on tablet. Run deck and it started as guest, so i switched between all the accounts, but there are 1lvl characters only. Its so messy and confusing .... How can i recover my account?

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How to transfer all data from android to ios, please ??

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When I try to link account to my Google it doesn't show anything in that place. It's completely empty. Yeah I know how to connect my acc and I play other igg games too and this is first game that error occured. I even tried to add another Google account to my device so it might see it but no...
Btw I am using marshmallow(custom ROM(CM 13)) but I don't think this can be a problem, I can play all the other games.

Posted on 3/8/16 7:51:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Like the other posters here, I have linked my account to the wrong IGG ID#.  I have recently acquired a new phone and attempted to link my new phone to my original account only to find out that I just linked it to the new guest account.

I have read this thread and have seen the response of "contact live support" yet I find this direction rather vague.  Is Live Support in game? On this forum? On another website? Because I do not see where that is.  How may I contact "live support"?

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How do you find out secret codes?

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how i login my account from android to ios. please help me

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same problem :-C

Posted on 4/1/16 2:29:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

i need help,

i play deckhero's
i got new phone 2 days ago. on my old phone i have a lvl 91  account (it was a guest account i dit not jet link it).
i dounlauded the deckhero's on my new phone. 
it created a new guest account when i starded deckhero's. i accidently linkt the new made guest account from new phone to my gmail.
now on my old phone has the lvl 91 guest acound on it, and the new guest account linkt to my gmail. but on my new phone i only have the new account.
i read on a form ( that i must make a new gmail account to link the lvl 91 guest account to it.
so i made a new gmail, but there is no link button.

so is there a way to unlink your accound from your gmail?
or is there a way to get the link button back?
please help!!

my IGG ID of my lvl 91 account is 95862610
my IGG ID of my new linkt account is 319190774

paul Jacobs