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[News] DH V10.6.0 Update Content

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Posted on 2/9/17 12:19:51 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

[New Conent]
01. Added Primal Rifts feature*
02. Added Map 16*
03. New Creatures: Seker, Hathor, Ra, Space Invader, Lunar Goddess, Freya and Fairy Princess*

01. Improved Momoya feature*

01. Fixed activation chance of Betwitcher’s Dark Clone
02. Fixed issue when Capricorn reflect damage from Spirit Arbiter
03. Fixed issue where effect of Spellbinder persists after Mythril Drone has been removed from play
04. Fixed issue where Flare Summoner’s Hellfire can stack more than 3 times
05. Fixed various bugs in the Fortress Raid feature

Game update required for changes with *

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