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[News] DH V10.8 Update Content

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Posted on 5/24/17 2:28:45 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

[New Content and Fixes]
1. Increased max number of Decks. *
2. Multiple Skill changes made for balance purposes, view list below for details
3. More type of buffs added for completion for Daily Task
4. Updated ranking criteria for Trial: players who cleared in the fewest rounds will be ranked first; if it’s a  tie, the Deck with the lower Cost will be ranked first; if it is still a tie, the Deck with the fewer Stars will be ranked first; if all 3 of the previous are the same, the player who cleared it at the earlier timing will be ranked first.
6. New Creatures: Unicorn Lancer, Draconian Mistress, Loki, Armsmaster. *
7. Damage of Scourge has been fixed
8. Anubis’ Wraith Fire can no longer be removed by Aries’ Invocation
[Skill Changes]
1. Hibernate changed to Diamond Dust: When HP falls below 30%, automatically restores 30% of Max HP, removes all  negative conditions, and activates "Freezing Field". This effect only activates once each time the Creature enters  play.
2. Fervent: Deal Direct DMG equal to #0% ATK to a random enemy Creature whenever this Creature lands a successful attack.
3. Osmose: Rage stolen reduced from 25 to 20
4. Roar: Creatures’ base attack increased from 50% to 100% and grants them effect of Lv 10 Life Sap for 1 round.
5. Invocation: At the start of your round, removes all negative effects and creates a shield that grants 100% HP  to max HP. Shield HP is restored upon recast.
6. Blade Shard [Equipment]: Damage multiplier reduced from 3 to 2
7. Impale: Effect is no longer permanent and lasts for 4 rounds.
8. Battlewill: Effect is no longer permanent and lasts for 3 rounds.
9. Soul Bond: HP restored is changed to 50% of Max HP.
10. Balance: Creature’s current ATK is also added to the amount of Direct DMG dealt.

Game update required for changes with *

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