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[News] DH V11.0.0 Update Content

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Posted on 9/6/17 12:55:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Update Content:
1. 7-Day Gala event added
2. Improved rewards for Momoya 2-Hour Rankings
3. Improved rewards for the LP Mall
4. Bond with Trader will now be displayed
5. Equipment can now be locked
6. Added option to invite players to Guild
7. New Creatures: Dark Diviner, Catarina, Azure Vixen, Poseidon, and Jubei
8. Improved Rune Shard interface
9. Balance changes made to some skills
Skill Adjustments:
1. Changed Flourish to affect 2 targets, equip the Flourish Rune to ignore Reflect and immunity skills
2. Stigma, Miracle Healing, Soul Harvest, Concealed Strike, Ice Veil, and Demolition Beam can now be upgraded
3. Scorn is no longer affected by Purge
4. Activation of Capricorn’s Fervent Rune will no longer trigger additional attacks
5. Druidess’ Storm Ward can no longer be stacked
6. Freezing Field: Deep Freeze will now last 3 rounds instead of 1
7. Creatures under the effect of Mind Fog will activate Lv 10 Gas Cloud when they successfully dodge a magic attack
8. Balance: If this Creature survives DMG that is not continuous or chain link with HP lower than the Creature across, add the current HP of both Creatures and divide it equally between them (capped at 1,000 HP). If this Creature dies, the HP of the Creature across is halved. Enemy Hero will not gain any Rage from this effect.
9. ATK reduction of Blade Shard is no longer permanent
10. Damage dealt by The Swarm Rune attack will now be reduced by Frost Armor
11. Snow Harlot will no longer take damage from The Swarm
12. Damage dealt by Balance will no longer affect Creatures with under the effect of Storm Ward
13. Octavius will now negate the effects of Blade Shard
14. Name of Soul Eater changed to Soul Devour

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Posted on 9/6/17 1:59:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Seriously?!? Freezing field for 3 rounds and you call that balancing a skill? That is beyond over powered. Garbage

Posted on 9/6/17 4:02:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The Libra nerf is totally unnecessary. You realise that now Libra a) has to be opposite an enemy and b) has to have lower hp than the enemy for the skill to even trigger? And that even if it triggers, c) it will deal maximum 1k hp damage to the enemy? Why? She was an ok card at best. Why not just change her such that storm ward no longer triggers balance?