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[News] Maintenance Notice 12/22/2017 (V11.2.0 Update)

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Posted on 12/21/17 10:33:45 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The servers will be offline from 01:00 to 3:00 on December 22nd(GMT -5) for a maintenance to fix some bugs.
Depending on how long it takes us to perform the maintenance, the duration may be shortened or extended. Sorry for the inconvenience.
FREE GEMS will be sent out to all affected players once maintenance is complete. Thank you for your support.
- 6 new cards: Gale Knight, Spectral Three, Divine Terra, Skeletal Viper, Demoness, and Hana.
- Meld and Essence cards can now be sold.
- Updated Equipment feature, removed level requirement to unlock Equipment.
- Artifact Shards can now be obtained from the Mines.
- Duration of Ocean Aria increased, will now scale with skill level.
- Description of aura skills updated for ease of identification.
- Updated the description of Stabilize in the Grimoire feature.
- Resolved issue where Haste Runes will no longer activate when a clone of Task Mistress disappears.
- Tomb Raider’s third skill will now activate correctly.
- Creatures in Stickers are now displayed in the correct order.
- Selected Equipment will now have a [Check Mark] while equipped Equipment will be marked in the corner.
- Stages in Chamber feature will now display correctly.
- Miracle Healing Rune will now activate more than once.
- Swindler in the Grimoire will no longer negate the effects of Pyre.
- Ice Coffin will now correctly negate the Rune effects of The Swarm.
- Shatter Soul will no longer trigger when a clone created by Dominion disappears.
- Resolved issues of clone creation when Corpse Manipulation activates.
- Resolved issues caused when both Sneak and Warlust activate.
- Skills that guarantee Battleblows will now trigger before other Battleblow skills. Battleblow skills will always trigger before other instances of Battleblows.

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