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[News] Deck Heroes V11.4.0 Update

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Posted on 3/18/18 9:58:37 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Dear Heroes! To prepare for the V11.4.0 update, the game will undergo maintenance during Mar 19th, 01:00 - 03:00 (GMT-5).

Content Update:
Creatures: Technomancer, Artemisia.
Hero: Galerond.
Item: Artifact Fragment - Used to upgrade Artifacts (cannot be used to exchange for Artifacts).

Enhancement to Lucky Spin prize pool and features.
Enhancement to Deck Duel.
Updated some skill descriptions.
Magic DMG dealt by Frostfire Cleave can now be increased by Sorcery Runes.

Fixed display issue when selling 4-Star Treasures.
Various audio fixes.
Fixed display issue with EXP indicator when upgrading Ra and Diablo.
Game optimized for iPhone X display.
Updated skill description of Queen Temptress’ Osmose.
Queen Artolia’s Unwavering Spirit will now correctly increase her ATK when upgraded to Lv 15. Updated skill description: When this Creature is destroyed with other friendly Creatures still in play, it instantly revives with 1 HP and increases its ATK by 25. The effect of this increase ends when the Creature’s ATK is at 1,000. This Creature is not immune to the effects of removal from play or Retreat.
Fixed issues when Queen Artolia uses equipment with the Harrow.
Updated skill description for Cyclone Slash.
HP restored by Lunar’s Grace is now capped at 5,000.
Adjusted Lucidity’s area of immunity. Retreat, Instakill, Disposal, Dominion, and other skills that move Creatures to other areas of play are now considered “Send” skills. Creatures are now viewed as destroyed when sent to the Graveyard.
Players will no longer keep half of their shards when exchanged for Ore during Double Blessing.

Welcome to Deck Heroes!