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[News] Deck Heroes V11.7.0 Update

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Posted on 6/28/18 10:22:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Dear Heroes! To prepare for the V11.7.0 update, the game will undergo maintenance during June 29th, 03:00 - 05:00 (GMT-5).

Content Update:
Creatures: Royal Diviner, Storm Caller, Plumed Priest, Timehopper, Prism Magus, and Touma.

Hero Skill: Increased the base ATK and skill level of “Awaken Galerond”.
Hero Talent: When “Soulburst” is cast, Creatures are granted the “Detonate” status. When “Detonate” is activated, the status is removed.
Battle: Heroes will start losing Health after 50 rounds, and the amount lost is scaled according to the round number.
Creature Skill: The negative effect from “Geo Shock” can now be removed by other Creatures.

Creatures with Sweeping Blow will now perform normal attacks when under the effect of Discord.
Magma Breath will now generate Rage.

Welcome to Deck Heroes!