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[News] Deck Heroes V11.7.5 Update

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Posted on 7/15/18 8:20:21 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Dear Heroes! To prepare for the V11.7.5 update, the game will undergo maintenance during July 16th, 01:00 - 03:00 (GMT-5).

Content Update:
“Ice Coffin” will now negate the effects of “Magma Breath” as intended.
Fixed the ATK value absorbed by ”Prism Draw”.
Fixed issue of Hero Skills “Scourge”, “Reanimate”, and “Execution” not working after removal from play.
Fixed display issues with skill description of the “Shade” summoned by “Galerond’s Shade”.
The correct items on sale in the Momoya will be displayed correctly when the store refreshes.
Creature Skill “Essence Strike” changed to: If this Creature performs a basic attack on an enemy Creature, absorb 25% of the enemy Creature’s ATK and 25% of its current HP. (HP absorbed is converted into an equal amount of ATK, and is capped at 1500.)
Creature Skill “Petal Slash” changed to: The Creature will perform a different attack on all enemy Creatures based on the number of its "Petal" stacks. At 1 stack, deal Direct DMG equal to 20% of its ATK. At 2 stacks, deal Direct DMG equal to 40% of its ATK. At 3 stacks, reduce their HP by 50% of its ATK.

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