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[News] Deck Heroes V12.1.1 Update

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Posted on 9/5/18 8:09:30 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Dear Heroes! To prepare for the V12.1.1 update, the game will undergo maintenance during Sept 6, 01:00 - 03:00 (GMT-5).

Content Update:
-New Features:
Unlock Attunement for the following Heroes: Warbringer, Guardian Dragon, Cinder Spirit, and Twilight Ronin, when their skills are upgraded to Level 5.

-New Creatures:
Brawler King, Minstrel, Samurai, Cerulean Lancer, Phantom Trapper, Draco Fencer, Fanged Assassin, and Spirit Musician.

-Fixes & Optimization:
Replaced Hera shards in Momoya Hourly Ranking with Minstrel shards.
New shards added to the LP Mall for the following Creatures: Fallen Pixie, Don Cervantes, Dragon Lancer, and Azure Vixen.
Fixed issue where clones of “Queen Artolia” created by “Dominion” are not destroyed after their turn.
Fixed issue where some players were unable to share to Facebook.
Optimized graphic of burn effect on Heroes so that their Health can be seen clearly.

Welcome to Deck Heroes!