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[Discussion] feedback fortress event

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Posted on 4/17/17 4:51:47 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

ok fortress is finished. here are my though on it:
That even have became a joke only enjoyable by whales. reward now sucks.why?
- fight are to fast :
a whole spot of 24 players stacked can be rekt by one deck in less than 2 min .reinforcement are prevented and only one whale can wipe a full middle power guild by eradicating all its spots. spamming deck on last fr was not that bad because it allowed even small guild to defend a spot if well coordinated. the only problem was that if u launched your 3 decks u could be stuck forever.what was the solution? just being able to wisdraw any deck from fight killing btw all your cards and heroes.that was what we needed. maybe a time of 20-30 sec by fight could help a bit.
- march time and returning time:
waaaay too long 5 min to reach a spot when one deck need 1 to clean a whole spot? and when its full we are forced to wait 5 minutes more? solutions ?there is a good number of it:
30 sec march by sector the farer u go the longest u march that if u are alrezady deployed on spot. only deploying from scratch would have 1 min walking.
for the return time. don't alow deck to be launch if there is already enough decks marching or just insta return...its not fun to lose 10 min just because someone filled spot before u or because a fight started and shielded the spot u wanted to go.
- cost :
healing and reviving are too heavy costing. the healing seems the worst... 1 million 900 to revive a full team? its too much . 50k by card and 150 k by heroes would be more accurate.
- reward :
a joke. a whole weekend spend on the game, spending tons of gems for what ? earning 5000 coins? i can't even buy a pack of omni 4*...4*!! as i agree vs shards was to low cost, flare shards and omni didn't deserved that nerf.and since we were able to earn much less from the event it feel like u are laughing at us.
- spoting bugged ... it show guys with no life and there is full healed team on spot. we just spent for nothing.
- after event bug : at first couln't connect on guild serv, then my 5000 coins disappeared , asked support told me to restart and what it is? only 3700 coins now and bounty guild of 8 sparks and stuff all disappeared from fortress -_-..

lets admit it u fucked up the event .it was way to frustrating.the first one was way more much even if some reward where too much.
feel free to contact me if u want deeper feedback.
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Posted on 4/27/17 5:59:48 AM | Show thread starter's posts only


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