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[Discussion] English server and Spanish server are not the same game.

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Posted on 11/22/17 10:41:16 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I finally convinced my brother to try DH (he thought it was boring and that it "plays itself";), but he went ahead and tried it and actually liked it (it helped that I explained him a lot of things I wish someone had explained me), he says will play around with it a bit more, maybe he sticks with it. He installed the spanish client btw (he doesnt speak english). That being said, there are some things that I really dislike:

1) He couldn't use my referral code.
When he enters my referral code, it says it is not valid. We made sure that it is entered correctly. It just won't work. Why? Only reason I see is that my ID is from english server and he is playing in spanish server. This is crap. None of us could get the benefits of a legitimate referral due to this.

2) I tried to get him some goodies from past secret codes and some others that are claimed for new players only (thath I missed btw, was level 25 when found out) and did not work.

His client doesnt even have the secret code giveaway option in-game, so I tried in the browser link, but it says his ID is either invalid or doesnt exist. Seriously? Is this game actually segregated in servers depending the language you choose? Why is that? Why is it not a global thing with all players having access to the same things?

3) His events tab shows different boosters than the ENG client, and misses a few other things.

No thanksgiving event for him. Not a big deal since he is a beginner but still, how many other nice things is he going to miss in the future just because he doesnt speak english? Also, the boosters offers for him are differnt than mine, he's got the hanzo booster available for example. I'd like to try and maybe get a Hanzo too. But my boosters options are different. (Checking live at same time of the day, phones side by side).

So, I don't really like this server differentiation thing, and that my brother is pretty much playing a different thing than me. We are pretty competitive and there is no way we can compare if we don't have access to the same things, and he is clearly at a disadvantage there by missing future events, promos and gifts. It is really a shame since he actually liked the game, but he cannot just use the ENG client since Im not gonna be around all the time to translate something for him. He shouldnt be punished for choosing to play in the Language he speaks, and that is actually available and offered by the game as an option.

He is going to play a bit more though, hope he sticks but I find it unlikely if things are like this.

Shame on you DH.

I like card games.