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[Discussion] Chiroptera

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Posted on 2/9/18 3:50:13 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

just got a chiro from the pvp event. always wanted one of those. reading through some old material and found a discussion comparing chiro to taurus. comparing damage potential. the universal agreement was.that sac taurus was better. anyway i feel the convo was limited and needed some points added in. firstly i dont think sac is a good option. immunity sounds good.  also would consider rampart if had rune. taurus main.weakness is that hes flimsy. to easy to counter. even with high hp i dont really have all that much trouble killing him. futhermore his outright damage is not always ideal. recently the meta has swung back to heal tank decks. torment rune. rampart rune. diamond dust. hare. i see top tourny decks with creatures that have god hp and heal ability. furthermore peeps set aquas with low hp to counter cards like sac taurus. he comes out dishes big and manages to set off freezing field. next turn enemy hero skill activates. shit it was a spirit arbiter and your paragon got shattered. so basically im not saying one is better than the other what im saying is that chiro does have advantages to taurus extra damage. namely that it can be trickier to kill and that its possible for swordplay to activate more frequently with damage scaled back to fit rage control. also that swordplay can activate off turn or even if chiro has been disrupted. for example frozen from aqua on 2400 hp. his max hp however is already at 3500. a torment rune goes off or diamond dust rune. he gets hit from a basic attack and then has a rampart rune activates. then swordplay activates. the possibility to activate on your opponents turn is what makes capricorn so dangerous. just playing around with my new toy here anyway im done

Posted on 2/9/18 4:01:14 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

and lets not forget cards that boost max hp. pontiff or columbus.for example