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[Discussion] I cannot believe IGG live support

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Posted on 3/19/18 7:04:15 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I just had an wonderfull morning. Spending 3 hours trieng to explain the game to a live support team who should be explaining to me right?
I wonder what you guys think of it. I have too much screenshots to upload add me on line chat by adding line ID : twelloco for more.
Gonna place a few of the worst here also added a moment when i thought my runes from a hero where somehow used to feed another hero rune wich should be impossible. Filed report and got an email back saying: the runes are used for upgrade and they cannot be recovered. What they didnt know is that for some reason i put the runes on another hero and forgot about it and just could not find them. How serious is IGG looking at our report files? They do not even know/ read about what you say in live chat. So how much time you think they spend on an email?
Enjoy the feast.

Posted on 3/19/18 9:06:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hilarious i emailed them the screenshots telling them i could do a better job.
This is their reply lol