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[Discussion] my next exercise is one myfavorite gonna do a cut

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Posted on 5/15/15 12:06:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

squad a nicestretch if you need to you can use a fright andswitch over to the other side all that tight just for 12 you are ready shit every single time we're gonna jumpto the back and then front okay you've got twelveone to 3 night no give me a squat in between which legs 3 one free it up okay so  to lunch them in aposition where we have a fall we're just gonna bring one like and theneeds almost gonna touch the ground so although I doubt we got 12 these youneed to put your hands    Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract   on your hips or bring them out the side down night sliding controlled way to my queen if you want to you canborrow mine I'm ENGLISH so I have to work out keep you guys you need to know had thelast one now we go okay Shane next exercise no arrest you know but why behind theother you gonna lift up I don't want to put that taiwan theground okay if you want to modify need to make ityeah