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[Discussion] You know mean with if you can if you can avoid it

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Posted on 5/18/15 4:22:26 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

You know mean with if you can if you can avoid it definitely avoid it by at same time in sack sucks not doing right before the gym at the I think that you know at any time is really actually Lt on salute benefits from your head to but up so really the answer is don't bat between one and two hours for the gym enough at after the mornings whatever unless you work out the morning but that's capping actually had this discussion Jeff roster price you might be out there watching this right now is a subscriber and Nox Factor arms a good friend my Wii we get together now and they said that sports science did some research on this so maybe we need to final into that video so are we can also let people make their decisions that way but the most part on saying is on Nokia if you tried it once and you realize did have some bearing on your workout then obviously maybe it would sound a good idea to continue to do it at that threat in but female athletes so I'm in the passes do just like Serena Williams was like the face of women's athletics but now to the knowledge like to thank you dear that out operating ones like if people knew better they would do better and that sense owner people in not have that have been exposed to it like.

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