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[Discussion] to you and then I slowly K the focus on putting

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Posted on 5/19/15 12:12:51 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

get hired you know it's Harbor to go slow cut you're like a tight quad want to give up so with you all the way here key markets hikers are like 1030 AEDT and then try to call again your polling love you for a lot of pressure to lower back he stopped a second say no if you have your legs be given that sticking point what size do you there on girl our command sex for should either I'm of them and Nixon made an armor bay view and you guys can see you know we had a    Nitro Focus NO3   lot of fun making this video we train pretty hardly Lipson super heavyweight doesn't mean you guys can joke around it have fun I mean it's a serious sport obvious to me lifting heavy lately has been pretty serious about it but there's no reason why you guys can't talk in lab and getting good energy going around and that's what I like best about Justin Nexus One guys to hang out with them left extremely good-looking partners I'm on the cancer I got these bomb point five pound weights are here you can use ghost oh yeah he go icon of individual nah we want to make sure that were progressing