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[Discussion] I architecture may well yet no I appreciate it now

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Posted on 5/19/15 4:14:36 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I architecture may well yet no I appreciate it now thank you know they’re from and the they're all please drawer and they got song Matt experienced in a great follow great story right behind them that a you know you can't help but topic those guys there the legends so what's coming up next really have a lot of crap signing coming up this Sunday digital folks a little bit about that and other things you got going on Nitro Focus NO3 yes well tonight I'm actually at the national physique committee the national amateur competition bodybuilding fitness and figure competition here over Fort Lauderdale aka like I'll be signing autographs their a profit center arm it the him pretty cool to go watch these amateurs you have it the it's a pro qualifier so each person has opportunity to hit a pro status and hope we compete you know the proper way to get guys like myself later on so it's just really need to be backstage and watching east will mitigating you know Kansas obituary and its moral I should be in planning all for it.

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