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[Discussion] Best supplements for muscle gain

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Posted on 5/21/15 5:38:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

[justify]Desserts any other time to and desserts whatever you like okay number three set your alarm every two hours be something it can be a ball mill worker bee snacks is E get used to constantly E and number four make sure to work out or you get back okay compound movements four days a week okay and you workout should last you work Mon Maximum Shred   30 minutes to about 45 minutes make sure that heavy make sure you three ways and make sure you have good for okay leave your comments below let me know if this video as hell and let me know what else type it is I can give you got guys always getting guys out there to how the guys route on the size you’re ready for the summer and it's a small one some more workouts nutrition tips on how to put on size and how to gain weight check out six pack shortcuts dot co thanks for watching guys hope you enjoy the video see the next one there day.[/justify]


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