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[Discussion] A lot about skin care and hope we found it

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Posted on 5/23/15 4:03:25 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

A lot about skin care and hope we found it somewhat helpful again these are things that have all worked for me in the last couple months so i hope i helped some love you guys out cut I know how tough it can be to find a great skincare products that work for you maybe you guys have found something super effective for you that you are really enjoy feel free to share that down below even if you have a different skin tight maybe it'll help someone else that's watching the has your skin type hope that you guys enjoy this video and I'll talk to you very soon by do the a I had  want to do a skin care routine or Opuderm Premium Skin Care my skin care routine and I've done it can tear I think a year or two ago so this will be let me updated skincare routine so first I want to talk about I'll first like mining my skin tight so I have normal or combination skin and I guess more the combination is side I need to make sure I'm which was my favorite this week dry but also my face gets oily on in like my forehead on my cheeks I'm in like the middle of the day and throughout the day so I have combination skin but a little bit more on the oily side when I'm trying to pit product and makeup from my skin tight mg I don't have any usually.

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