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[Guide] [Help] About Artifact

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Posted on 11/17/17 4:17:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1. Unlocks at Lv45  

2. Artifacts are a new type of card with their own individual Deck. Similar to Creatures, each Artifact has a required wait time before it can be played.
3. A "View Artifact" button has been added to the Deck interface. 
   The Power displayed for each Deck will now factor cards in the Artifact Deck
   The ATK and HP icons for the     Artifact Deck will be grayed out as they only apply to Creature Decks.

4. Artifacts are one-use cards that do not have HP and therefore cannot be destroyed.
5. There are 3 types of Artifacts: Ardent, Adapt, and Arcana.
Arcana Artifacts grant a new Skill;
Ardent Artifacts provide attribute boosts;
Adapt Artifacts enhance an existing Skill
6. Artifacts can be fused using their corresponding Shards (excluding Omni Shards). 

7. Artifacts can also be upgraded using their corresponding Shards and Coins.

8. Artifacts can be sold for Coins.
9. Artifacts can be converted into Artifact Shards of a similar type.
10. Artifacts can be obtained from Lucky Spin or exchanged as Artifact Shards from the LP Mall.

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Posted on 11/17/17 12:09:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Will lower star Artifacts be released, and can we expect to be able to draw them in a similar fashion to Creatures?

Or only 5 star Artifacts from Lucky Spin? 

Thank you.

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