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[Guide] Equipment system

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For the game off Deck Heroes  there are different way to level up your deck.

1. Just level up your cards to 10
Whit enchanted card which you can get in different ways.

And the next task it whit going  the chambers to get material.


And with this material you can evolve  the card
To get the 4 skill.

You can change the 4 skill , but there full you have to get extra copies or meld card.
To try attempt.
Sometimes it goes to 100 % or when you lucky then in 1 try.

2. To give you card a extra boost off power.
You can use ruin .

You can draw them with glory points or whit gems.
Or in the event what comes buy.

And when you got some nice ruins you can add them on your card.

And you need to level them up with ruins you do not used

And you can also upgrade  skills off the card.
You can earn the points in grimoire or just buy with gems.

Or you must have onmi skill essence  card.

Which you can get on different  way.
This will made you card also stronger.

3. For the Hero ruins it will be the same but only different  ruins.
But for level op the hero will be a bit different.

You need shards to level up.
And the talents it can be upgraded as wel with glory points.  

4. To get extra skill on the hero you must collecting equipment.

This will takes some times for collecting.
But there are events to speed up process off course.
When you have collecting  enough.

You can do some crafting. To make you hero stronger

There is a cradle in crafting.
Grey is the lowest and gold is the highest.
The higher  crafting more change to get a better stats for the craft.
So gold have the best change for good stats.

And to get a bonus skill you need go to 100% with spark.
You can do lower butt then you need some luck for a skill.

5. Artifact  is the new thing.
You can get from lucky spin or other event where  you can get artifact.
And you can collecting  shards from the mines.
You will need 1000 shards to create  a artifact.
And for upgrade you will need 200 shards.

And when you got the artifact you can put the. In your deck.

And upgrading a artifact can also being done.

These are the ways to improve your deck.
And always do the daily things  for growing.
Because you can never have enough cost deck.

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Minhas cartas são boa mais o meu deck ta fraco VC poderia  min ajuda

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Add how to attach Attunements to Heroes please! Cannot find how to do this....thanks!