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[Guide] [Guide] Deck Heroes Daily Checklist

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During your epic quest to beat the campaign, remember to check out the following features for bonus resources!

More Energy:
Claim 40 Energy from Heaven’s Blessing each day during the 2 periods (12:00 – 2:00 and 18:00 – 20:00) and keep track of the Bazaar’s refresh times to purchase Energy on sale. Add friends to send and receive more Energy every day.

In addition to receiving EXP, Coins, and Credits, clearing Trials is also a good way to get 3-Star Hero Shards. Check the Credits Mall for the different Hero Shards on sale. 

Refresh the Mazes to ensure a steady income of Coins, EXP, and powerful Creatures.
Explore cleared dungeons and get rare Creatures to either enhance your Deck or unseal 5-Star Creatures.

Challenge players in the Arena to earn Gems, Glory Points, Coins, and EXP.

Besides gaining Glory Points, EXP, and Coins, Raids also allow you to steal Shards from other players.

Welcome to Deck Heroes!
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thanks for the details

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