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[Guide] A new player guide, Let's walk together ( Q & A ) Spending gems, and more.

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First of all, you shouldn't have complications Playing the first 2 Maps.

1-After playing, get quest 3-1 before doing the maze to be able to skip through the battles.
2-After 3-1 you get the codes option, either to enter a friend's reference code or to share yours. ( You will find it in Options tab )
Q : What does it give to write someone's code?
A:You get the chance to write the code only ONCE, It will give you 50 gems, 2 coupons ( to recruit at the altar ) And 10,000 coins/gold.
Q : I can see people saying 500 gems, 699 gems, 50 coupons, etc?
A : That's all an advertise to lure you to write down their coupons, and I assure you it's not true.
Q: What do they gain then?
A: The more codes they share ( Meaning you or anyone else enter their codes ) they would get rewards in gems.
Use the reference code of a friend so you can both benefit, feel free to add AlternativeF in game.
3- How to spend your gems wisely?
I did a mistake of wasting 1.2k  on the lucky spin, Don't do that mistake.
So spend them in the following:
- 90% Off boosters to help you with your maps up to map number 6 ( you will find an icon called map guide, click it and then you will find it available, at map 2 will cost 100 gems, at map 3-6 will cost 350 gems)
-Spend your first 675 gems in the Altar ( why? because it gives you a guaranteed level 5 card )
- Then spend every other 675 gems you collect on Event booster packs, specially factions ones ( Humans Are My favorite ) and this one is the most recommended after your first 5 stars draw from the alter.
- Gold chests in Mazes 5 and up ( costs 80 gems )
- Ultima chest (  costs 800 gems ) After 10 you get a guaranteed 5 stars card.
Nothing else worth spending gems on from My experience.

How to get Gems?
There are a few ways I have been following as a F2p player,
1- The Arena ( It's just beautiful once you start enchanting your cards to level +5 ( 10 recommended )
I get 16-150 gems each win depending on who you fight and your rank ( in average a total of 250 gems a Day )
2- Events ( Alchemy 50, 150, 500, 1500, 5000, 20000 gems always gives back a bigger reward )
3- Login rewards, collecting cards, collecting stars by finishing the map ( recommended to try to finish them all with 3 stars to get gems, coupons and coins )
4- Guild battles ( try to get in a good guild with over 40 players to be able to get a good reward )
Q: Do players that pays in game gets an advantage with drawing good cards?
A: Absolutely not ( ), You will just need some more time.

                     Explanation About each tab in game:


Let's start with the Bazaar: The bazaar refreshes every few hours, Sometimes offering hero shards, 10 energy for only 1500 in game coins, Essence lvl2-5 ( just buy lvl 2 and 3 ) as for hero shards I recommend you buy for only level 2, as it would be a waste on further than that from My point of view.


Second part would be the Colosseum: Divided into 3 parts :
The Arena : As explained before, as you keep climbing, you keep getting gems, very good amount of gems that will be very helpful as you level up, It is completely automatic and you can't place your cards in the order you want, so make sure all your cards are enchanted well.
Raids : At raids you can place cards in the order you desire, so you can fight others who have a little bit more power, When you search for players, check how much glory points they have ( you take around 20% of what they have + glory points rewards for winning )
Tournament at level 40 : Another place you can get very good rewards and gems from, The higher you rank up, the more points you can make per hour and with these points, you can buy gems, and other good rewards.
Just create a good defense deck to keep your rank.

                                    Time to move for the third part
                                          Secret Region
Secret Region : Divided to 3 once more :
Trials : recommended to play manual if you started losing on automatic ) As you Advance you get a lot of coins, Experience points, and hero shards, then there is the credits mall on top right of the screen where you can claim for your points either hero or creatures shards ( you can buy each one available only one time a day )

Gauntlet: As you finish each battle you receive guaranteed Glory points, tokens and a chance for an additional reward which is 2 to 4 stars Hero, or  2 to 5 stars heroes shards, As well 3-5 stars creature, or their shards, It isn't hard to finish the 15 levels, takes a 2to 3 days with an average deck 
Then you can see on the upper right of the screen an icon with token mall which you can buy heroes or creatures shards from, just as the trials.

Chambers: The chambers are pretty much useful in case you are ready to evolve your cards and you need materials, but would be recommended only when you have energy to waste or you want to evolve a card really badly.

                                     Moving to the next part :
Guild : Divided to 4 tabs
My guild: Represents the members of the guild, their contribution, the overall contribution, number of members ( nothing that important )
Guild Map: That part will be very helpful for you to collect top 5 stars cards, Maps are from 1 to 6, Let's say you entered Map 1, 1-1 for example will be giving 3 possible rewards ( 1- Treant Weaver 3 stars card, 2- Essence IV, 3-Pontiff shards ), Now the best choice in these would be the Pontiff shards, click Apply and choose Pontiff and then click on not applied to be applied. 
Guild Mall: Well, just as it says, you use the points you gain from guild Battles and guild maps to buy items such as shards, glory points, coins, or evolving materials.
Guild Battle: The guild battle is pretty open around twice a week, Once it starts it will require you to form a team ( This is your DEFENSE team ) meaning, it can't be used to attack, in another word, if you put a card in defense, you won't be able to use it to steal treasures, I recommend you to put a strong defense to be able to defend the treasure you steal from other players.
The rewards will be : Glory points, Guild credits, and if your rank or guild rank is good you will get gems too.

                                      To the next part:
                      Explorer's Gate
In that part you advance through the map opening up Mazes, Mazes will have a dice icon, very recommended to do them daily, Gives a huge amount of Experience points, coins, Shards and sometimes 4-5 stars creatures.

                                                Next would Be
Divided to two available parts: Draw creatures, And draw Hero:
Draw creatures : Divided to 3 tabs ( the first is used to draw cards that you will use to enchant cards with ) from My view, if you do your mazes daily, you wouldn't need it at all.
Second tab which is drawing 2-5 stars creatures using coupons, you can get coupons from your daily tasks, from 2nd and 3rd box reward on the map, from sharing on facebook when you acquire a 4 or 5 stars card, etc.
That tab is really useful, I personally got 3 5 stars creatures from it within the past 10 days.
Third tab, is drawing 3-5 stars cards, I personally would prefer faction or events booster packs, but it's your choice how to use your gems after all.

As for draw hero tab : you just can draw a 2-4 stars hero, again I would prefer events ones.
                                             Next part would be
Divided to 3 tabs :
Enhance creatures : Step 1 ( the card you want to level up ), Step 2 ( what would you sacrifice in order for it to level up ) creatures attribute = the amount of experience gained for the step1 creature, the hp and attack. At level 5, 10, 15 extra skills gets unlocked. 

Evolve and Meld : Evolving a 3/4/5 stars card which is already level 10
A very useful link on youtube

                                             Last part are side tabs
Daily tasks : gives Experience points and coupons shards for each task you complete, then press exchange after getting 6 shards to turn them into a coupon.
Deck : You can set up different decks, usually you create a main deck, and the others could be alternative decks or ones adjusted to meet the requirements in explorer's gate maps 2-3 stars conditions ( some maps would want you to finish with at least 2 3 stars for example, or 3 two stars cards )
Shards : as you collect shards from here and there, sooner or later you can exchange them for creatures/heroes.
Remove seals : very recommended to do it as soon as possible, Thalassa would give you a huge boost at early levels and will be needed later on as well.
Shop : I don't think I need to explain that, but if possible, I recommend you to get Star benefit in case you like the game very much and don't want to spend much.

                         Right side tabs
Event: Divided to 4 tabs, Heaven's blessing, available twice a day giving 40 energy for f2p players, and 60 energies for STAR players.
Lucky spin : Don't you dare to waste gems here.
Alchemy : Alchemy is love, Alchemy is life, use your gems here, it will always give you more gems.
Limited booster : Here the factions boosters and event boosters appears ( they appear at certain times )
Friends : Where you can send energies or claim them ( usually I send to those who sends Me energy only, removing those who aren't active )
Menu : Divided to 8 tabs, 9 if you didn't enter a reference code :
1- Sell cards: Selling the cards that you don't need / heroes, and that's not recommended at all.
2- Mail : in case you receive any mail.
3- Stickers : to check creatures and heroes, their skills and source to get them.
4- Battle Log : IMPORTANT, You can check your battle log of Tournament, Arena, and Raids, at the RAIDS part, you can have a free revenge a day against someone who attacked you, and you can have more revenge attempts by spending 3 gems each.
5- Help : You can check it out for certain parts explanations,
6- Bug report : To report an ingame bug.
7- Settings : Turning music on/off, auto combat, sound, To have your purchases of items confirmed or not, a button linking to the forum, etc ( As well to switch between your accounts in game )
Common question, how to add more accounts : By adding more emails registered on your cell phone ( you will find that in your cell phone settings )
Example :I am using Sony Xperia z1 : I go to settings > Accounts > Add account  > Email/ Google, and here you go, next time you open the game you will be able to switch on another account.
8- Advertisement : Just as it says.

Notice : the same as what appears once you open the game ( could be update notice, events, etc )
Earn gems : checking out what do you need to earn gems, either through completing offers, or in game requirements such as clearing a certain maze, a certain map, login rewards, etc.

Always press share when you get good cards ( you get 1 coupon reward when you do so )
Remember to do your Mazes daily.

Extra useful youtube videos made by Stargater07, very recommended channel, I advice you to subscribe.

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This post will be for the current Events running and their updates.

New Event coming soon.

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For any more questions feel free to send Me a message or write your question here.

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Kindly add any thoughts You have for the guide.

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Nice job......

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Thank you.

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You are welcome

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Posting to keep the guide up

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Nice guide man