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[Guide] List of every creature skill

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For willsolvit

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will you add new skills later?

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Excuse me madam but your descriptions for the skill Reflect are incorrect. The extra damage is actually half of what you recorded.

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1.  This is pointless since DH already have a Wikia page with all skills AND the creatures which possessed those skills.  A list of skills is useless if you can't refer to the cards with those skills.   It is better to get in touch with whoever is editing the Wikia, and add more contents to it.  

2. 99% of skills have Linear level progression.   You could have easily listed as:  Skill X does 100 damage + (100) per level, instead of making 10 separate redundant lines making scrolling impossible.

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The list is ok but just to long. Imo it'd be better if there was a list of all the creatures & heros with there skills and talents along with there rune match ups.
It'd be so much easier to build a deck according to each type of battle. So to match healers, attk boosters, spells, etc.
  For example; Gaunlet, Tournament, & Map battles.

LMAO I'm not female but wth it's only a game.
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