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[Guide] Grandmaster Cup

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Unlock/Register/Wagers: Players who are Lv. 32 and above
1. Players need to be at least Lv. 32 to register.
2. Winners are decided in a best-of-3 format, so participants need to register 3 Decks.
3. Registered Decks can only be edited during the Registration phase, once Tryouts begin players can no longer make any changes to their Decks. The current state of the player's Decks at the start of Tryouts will be the Decks that will be used throughout the event.
4. When the event is over, players will have to re-register their Decks for the next event.

[Event Schedule]

 Day and TimePhase
 Day 1, 00:00 to Day 2, 24:00Registration
 Day 3, 00:00 to Day 4, 16:00*
*The latest possible end time for this phase (11 rounds). Actual end time depends on the round of Tryouts.
 Day 4, 16:00 to Day 5, 18:00

Grandmaster Selection & Elimination Wagers

Day 5, 18:00Eliminations Round 1
 Day 6, 18:00Eliminations Round 2
 Day 7, 18:00Eliminations Round 3
 Day 8, 18:00Eliminations Round 4
 Day 9, 18:00Eliminations Semi-Final
 Day 10, 18:00Eliminations Final
 Day 10, 18:00 to Day 11, 24:00Reward Collection

When the event is on, the event entrance can be seen at the lobby.

1. [Registration]: Starts at Day 1, 00:00 and ends on Day 2, 24:00. When registration is complete Tryouts will begin immediately.
2. [Tryouts]: Based on the number of participants, the server will determine the number of rounds needed for the Tryouts. Each round will be held at a specific timing (there will be a break of 4 hours after each round).
A: After each round, the system will match players based on the Power of their Decks. This process will be repeated until 64 players are left.
B: To ensure that there will be at least 24 hours of wager time for the Eliminations phase, the following arrangement will be made:
  • If Tryouts end before 18:00 that day, the first round of Eliminations will be start on 18:00 the next day.
  • If Tryouts end after 18:00 that day, there will be no activity the next day and first round of Eliminations will proceed 2 days later, at 18:00 instead.

3. [Elimination]: Top 64 Eliminations will last for 6 days with a round carried out each day (total of 6 rounds). The top 64 participants are first divided into 4 groups. The eventual winners of these 4 groups will enter the semi-finals and then finals. Total of 6 rounds will be played out, 4 rounds to determine the semi-finalists and 2 rounds to determine the Grandmaster. A round will be played each day at 18:00 and will last for 6 days. (There  will be a break of 24 hours after each round to allow sufficient time for wagers)
  • Group A participants: Rankings 1, 64, 5, 60, 9, 56…
  • Group B participants: Rankings 2, 63, 6, 59, 10, 55…
  • Group C participants: Rankings 3, 62, 7, 58, 11, 54…
  • Group D participants: Rankings 4, 61, 8, 57, 12, 53… 

4. [Wager]
    Round Winner:
    Details of the upcoming battle can be viewed here. Tap on "Wager" to view the interface. Players can  choose to bet on either one of the player or even both, there are no restrictions. If a player has wagered on a player, tap the button again to increase the amount wagered.
    Grandmaster Selection:
    Before the first round of Eliminations, players can choose to wager on one or multiple players to be  the     eventual winner of the event. There are no restrictions to the amount a player can wager and the number of players to wager on.

5. [Reward Collection]: When a player has been crowned the Grandmaster, the event will enter the Reward Collection phase. Players can tap on the claim button to collect their rewards. At 24:00 of the last day, any unclaimed rewards can no longer be collected as the event entrance will be removed from the lobby.
  • Winnings:
  • The player’s winnings can be found listed under “Elimination Wagers” and “Grandmaster Pick”. After the event, any unclaimed winnings can no longer be claimed.
  • Eliminations Reward:
  • Outside of first and second place, the other players will not be not be ranked. Only their rewards will be displayed in the list.Players need to claim the rewards before the end of the event.
  • Wager Point Reward:
  • The top 100 players in the Wager Point rankings will be ranked according to their total amount of Wager Points earned in the event.Players need to claim the rewards before the end of the event.

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I have to be honest... and "event" where you can't even watch what is happening, have to wait an entire day to see the results of a single round, and where basically the easiest way to know how will win is by seeing who has spent $10k on the game or more to get their full deck of self rezzing (2)Recyles, Stoneskin/Sacrifice, Double Queen Temptress with Retreat, etc. etc. etc. decks and who hasn't.

Really... was it supposed to be fun or interesting to bet on a bunch of nearly identical decks amongst the top 64 players?