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[Guide] [Unique Creatures Introduction]-Tidal Siren

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Posted on 11/14/14 3:15:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Skilled in the art of deception, the Tidal Siren relishes sowing discord among her enemies and watching them battle each other. Once the enemies’ ranks are in chaos, the Tidal Siren will call upon the power of lightning to strike down her foes. Should she fall, her rebirth ability brings her back from the dead to finish what she started.

Tempest 5 Deals 100 Magic DMG to all enemy Creatures and has a 30% chance to make them skip their next turn.
Discord 7 A random enemy Creature has a 65% chance of attacking the enemy Hero next round.
Rebirth 7 Has a 55% chance to return to your Hand if destroyed. Returns to your deck if your Hand is full.

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wow.. neander,, pretty OP

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