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[Event] 【LINK Event】LINK Hero Recruitment

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Posted on 8/3/15 8:44:59 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The official Deck Heroes account on LINK almost has 1,500 friends! Let’s see if we can't get all the way to 2,000!
Event Period: August 3th 00:00 – August 6 23:59 (GMT-5)
Event Content:
1. During the event, add the DH-LINK official account as friend.
2. There will be rewards at certain milestones.
-1,800 friends, all players will get 2,000 Glory
-2,000 friends, all players will get 4,000 Glory
3. Rewards will be sent out within 3 business days of the event's end through the in-game mailbox.

1. Download and install LINK from 
iOS store【】 
or Google Play…】.
2. Log in to the LINK app and tap on Contacts in the lower menu.
3. Tap the "+" symbol on the top-right corner and search for "Deck Heroes".

Welcome to Deck Heroes!
Posted on 8/6/15 2:32:49 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

hmmm this event ends today..

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