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[Event] September 2x Login Rewards!

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Posted on 9/15/15 2:23:22 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Event Period: September 14th 00:00 - September 20th 23:59 (GMT-5) 

Event Content: 
During September, you'll get extra FREE gifts when you log in. Log in on Sunday to get a powerful 4-Star Creature or 3-Star Rune!

2015/09/142015/09/152015/09/162015/09/17 2015/09/182015/09/19 2015/09/20
Glory * 3000Essence IV *1Coin * 100,000Coupon * 5Glory * 3000Gem * 60Vitality Rune III * 1

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Posted on 9/15/15 3:26:18 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I love the login rewards. Wonderful. Daily players like myself are rewarded and it creates  incentive for others to keep playing. The gems/coupons and occasional 4 star  creature are very welcome. Thank you!

But I don't understand why the runes and glory points (no just as login rewards) are being toted as fantastic special gifts, when the glory doesn't go far, and the runes are very common. I must have had at least 50 vitality III runes. Either way very welcome and thanks. The Hellwolf from the August login rewards was great because now I have an instakill for melding.

Maybe a random 5-star creature for 100 days in a row login? Or daily free spin of a new login prize wheel? Just spitballing

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