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[Event] Spend and Win

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Posted on 12/5/14 5:31:43 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Event Period:
Dec 05 0:00–Dec 07 23:59 EST(GMT-5)
Event Details:
Spend any amount of Gems as shown below during the event to win prizes: 
Spend 3,000 Gems to 200,000 Coins!
Spend 8,000 Gems to 500,000 Coins!
Spend 15,000 Gems to win 10 4-Star Essence!
Spend 33,000 Gems to win 15 5-Star Essence!
Event Rules:
1.Players will only receive the highest reward tier they qualify for. 
  For example, if you spend a total of 8,200 Gems, you’ll only win the rewards for spending 8,000 Gems.
2. All rewards will be sent through the in-game mailbox within 1 business day after the event ends.

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