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[Guild] HK Recruiting

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Posted on 4/19/17 5:20:16 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Door is open for recruitment. A small family that has been around awhile. Line app and decent activity are our requirements. No retirees please. We are not cows to be milked. We dont do war requirements or contribution requirements and the like. That said we love warring and plundering the big guilds. Futhermore we dont give a rats ass if they plunder us back. We dont deliver anyway. HK policy is to attack everyone. Especially other HKs. We are fair minded, friendly, dont care about other guilds or their problems, we enjoy helping players grow and offer a shard system that new players will be lucky to better elsewhere.  Lastly, all HKs who have completed 'The Trial of Fire and Ice' are equal members.  Add shakahn on line.