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[Guild] Publicly accessible data access API for Deck Heroes

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Posted on 6/22/17 5:36:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi IGG, I am a systems developer and would like to know if there is a publicly accessible data access API to the DH servers for Guild management and player timeline reporting?

Currently management of guild members and their contributions to maintain guild membership status and access to the 5* creature shards is a total ball ache for captains and managers. There is so much time consuming work tracking the members and recording it in google docs that the whole process starts to impede the joy of playing the game for guild leaders.

I would like to develop a C# web application to simplify the whole process and make recording of the data not just a mundane management task but a means of reflection for the members as they view their growth timeline from the date of joining the guild. A timeline that reflects events, scores, energy contributions, etc. Almost like the scope of a Facebook timeline.

If there is no API access, please could you consider adding this functionality to your future builds? This type of access will increase community and player competitiveness which in turn will increase your user base. With this type of access to historical game data I could even develop Deck Heroes Guild widgets for the large social platforms like Facebook, etc.

Thank you for your consideration.

I will make my dev project open source for all of DH to benefit from.