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[Guild] Its GUILD TIME!!! Boxing_Kangaroo Guild is recruiting

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So, now you are lvl 40 - 60. You have unlocked all what the game has to offer. And start to wonder: How can I improve faster?

Don’t look any further, this is what you need:


And of course, YOU want a GOOD GUILD. 

One that allows you to grow, that can share the experience of past years.
A Family to hold you, when you just blow 30K gems and do not got what you want

Full of VERY NICE people, let me introduce to you:

Boxing Kangaroo

Let me tempt you with some piece of history:

From the shelf of our History , one of the NICEST GUILD RECRUITMENT POST by BK✦GamerGurl33 

Jan 24, 2017 17:32:02 GMT -3 BK✦GamerGurl33 said:

"Hello to all DH players!

The BK Guild - Boxing_Kangaroo - is looking for new members.

BK is:

⦁ One of the oldest DH guilds, founded by top pro players - Somar, DianaTroy, and Sephiroth.

⦁ A friendly, relaxed, international guild.

⦁ A group of mostly mid to late game players, including well experienced pro players, sharing DH knowledge for game growth & success.

BK has:

⦁ An active guild forum, and a reference library forum of BK Game Guides.

⦁ No energy contribution or event participation requirements.

⦁ No guild name tag requirement.

⦁ Maps 1-6 open. Usually at least one map active (and if there is sufficient contribution up to 2 maps at the same time)

⦁ Free for all shards.

⦁ A Guild Map damage limit, giving all members a fair chance at gold and shards. Current damage limit is 200k (varies by # of members and daily contribution).

BK Mandatory Requirements For New Members:

⦁ Game Level 40+. A limited number of Game Level 35-40 players will be accepted. Part of BK's mission is to be a mentoring, teaching guild.

⦁ Be active every day. No energy contribution or event participation requirement.

⦁ Keep your Guild Map damage within the stated limit. Exception for SAC card maps.

⦁ Be a member of the Boxing Kangaroo guild forum - our only means of communication with members. Keep up with guild changes through the forum, and respond to guild business PM's. Active participation not required, but it's the best way to make the most of your guild experience. 

NOTE: The BK guild forum and the BK Game Guides reference library forum are private sub-forums within deckheroes freeforums net. Must be a member of the general forum, then once your guild application is approved you'll get access to both BK forums.

Just so you know:

We have very few rules and are pretty forgiving. 

However, the following may get you kicked:

⦁ Being inactive more than 2 weeks without notification. Exception for emergencies.

⦁ Not being a guild forum member; failing to keep informed of guild changes; not responding to guild business PM's.

⦁ Repeated excessive Guild Map damage above stated limit, after warned. If you accidentally do too much damage, post about it in the guild forum and work to revise your guild deck. Then it won't be a problem.

If you want to join to BK, post a reply in this thread with your Game Level, average Daily Contribution, and anything else you want us to know about you, plus a single line answer to, "Why do you want to join BK".


And if this was not enough, we join our forces with Lightning Guild so we can share information and help each other in order to grow in this game.

So, if you think “yes, this is for me” just send me a Private Message.

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Hop Hop

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hop hop

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please remember to be part of deckheroes freeforums net, if you apply and dont send me a private message in deckheroes freeforums net, I cannot let you join.