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[Bug & Suggestion] Can't Enhance

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Posted on 8/6/17 12:09:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello can u pls help me with a problem. I want to enhance one my creature ( Balthazar ) I have another creature 10 lvl and want use it for upgrade lvl of Balthazar. But there is no that 10 lvl card in my materials. This card is not using in deck's and it dont have lock, but it's still not there.

Posted on 8/7/17 1:48:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The card need to be level 15 and then you can meld a different will on the card  and then you wil used  the orther card.

But first you do need to do chambers to get material to elvolve the card to level 15