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[Bug & Suggestion] suggestions and complaints

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Posted on 8/22/17 6:50:54 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey deck heroes world, I played deck heroes for over 2 years ago and stop playing for about over a year now due to no longer using Android (blackberry) . I started playing the game again about 2 months ago and I realized a lot has changed, In my constant game play for these few months I realized I achieved nothing in the game except leveling  up (now a level 78 player). I discovered that in this app now you can no longer advance unless you spend money. I mean okay there is exploring and the maze etc which all take energy, and I doubt staying online all day will give you enough energy to do all these things unless you use gems to buy more energy. Why can't there be an increase in the time it takes to generate energy or at least increase the energy limit on its own (without blessing and purchases from the bazaar) to 150- 200. With all these functions adding up there also needs to be more energy given to balance everything. Another issue I hate about events is that it now belongs to who pays the most. Primal rift ended not so long ago, I participated the first morning after my first five matches I calculated how much points I would have if I logged on hourly to participate. Later on I checked the awards to be gifted and I then checked the rankings. After checking the rankings I didn't even open primal rift again unless I wanted to test out a new deck combination. How is it possible for someone in the beginning hours of the event to have over times 4 of what I would have at the end of the rift event, HOW!!! Even if I did buy gems for the more chances on the rift I would still reach nowhere compared to what I saw because I can never spend that much on a game (1) and to gamble on my chances of spending more then others (2). Please REMOVE this buying of chances to give all players a chance, not just those who basically pay to win, it's no longer a game if it's like that your just collecting money from people eager to be on top. Another suggestion is I know it's strange but all cards currently in limited boosters should be spread throughout the game and new cards should be added, this time actually make the boosters limited I remember when I first started the game I would save my star gems and other gems for mortii boosters human limited boosters that came once in awhile not everyday. and finally star benefits, they are great but not good enough, there should be extra benefits from continously becoming a star member.
I use to tell my friends about this game that the can go places without spending much money but now the game has changed completely, please please look at these suggestions, even looking back at my past payments deck heroes is my only Google payment made and now I don't even dream of spending money on this app because if I don't buy much what I gain is only regret