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[Bug & Suggestion] Very serious 2 bugs in 1 game in Trials.

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Posted on 10/17/17 4:53:04 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have 4th level Oceanus and while playing in 105 level in Trials I had 2 bugs in game. While playnig I had one cloneded Bewitcher (and two copies of it) with all of my cards in play plus one cloned Oracle. And then Skill of Oceanus came out. Turns out Oceanus can't Clone anything while 15 cards are in play. Can IGG turn this to in exmple 18 cards? But apart from this when one of my cards died, and another one was Cloned from enemy, I had 2 cards to put to play. But bug was that I tried it to put to play but it changed the image of the enemy's rightmost card. What the hell? Non of the enemys cards was able to resist Oceanus Clone skill. I won the batlle. But still the two bugs are two bugs.

Posted on 10/17/17 6:39:11 PM | Show thread starter's posts only