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[Bug & Suggestion] [All phones][Suggestion] Energy unfairness

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Posted on 10/19/17 5:49:31 AM | Show thread starter's posts only


I've been playing this game for more than a year now.
I did not notice it at first, but this game is completely unfair for us Western Europeans.

Every day, I have 30 less energy to spend than every Asian/US player. That's 900 a month. More than 10000 a year.
At every Guild Wars, I know I won't be able to be high in the rankings even if I have a nice debut.
During Sky Arena, I cannot have the last hour bonus.

Why ?

Well, the last 2 energy blessings happen when we Western Europeans sleep.
When I go to bed, I miss several hours of guild wars.
And the daily bonus of Sky Arena happen during our sleep too.

I know it's probably not possible for IGG to fix the last two.

This feature is not linked to anything. It could depend on a  time zone setting.

I can even provide you the specs :
"As a Deck Heroes user, I'd like the energy system to be fair. A new time zone setting will appear. It will be set using Phone settings and modified by the user once a month (to avoid cheating). The energy blessing hours will remain the same, but will depend on the time zone"

IGG please hear this.
Guys, I hope for your support

Posted on 10/19/17 7:06:06 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I just had answers in another forum.
Games we install are linked to a server (EU/US).
They provide the time zone reference.

On windows phone, only one version of the game can be installed (US).

So it all comes to this : IGG could you provide a EU version of the game on Windows Phone ? 

I suppose the difference would only be in configuration. 
Therefore, it should not have a high development cost. 

Would it be possible ?