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[Bug & Suggestion] Recovering My old account from early 2016

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Posted on 3/10/18 3:31:54 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I made a Deck Heroes account back in 2015 on a kindle fire. This Kindle fire in question was destroyed in April of 2016, I never could link the account to My gmail. (I was actually told this was impossible to do on an amazon device a couple of years ago by customer support.) I want to recover My old account, I've messaged customer support but they've been largely unhelpful and they keep on sending Me contradictory messages and they don't seem to understand My problem. (They also don't bother to read most of what i send them for some reason which only leads to more confusion.) 

What should i do? I currently have Deck Heroes on My Iphone, with a guest account. Is it somehow possible to transfer My old account from My broken kindle fire onto My Iphone? I never could link this account, but i do know the account id and some other information.

Posted on 3/11/18 7:57:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

if your old account isnt linked to any gmail, you cant access that account from any other device. your only option is to contact support and if they are not helpful, i dont know. you cant get access to your account by just knowing the name, id etc... (those informations can be seen in the ,,add friends,, so everyone basicaly knows those informations if they look at your profile there)