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[Bug & Suggestion] Migrating Windows Phone users to Android

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Posted on 3/25/18 1:44:30 PM | Show thread starter's posts only


I'm a Windows Phone user for 18 months now.
Lvl 100.
Hundreds of hours of play. 
The last version of the game on Windows Phone crashes all the time, and has a tendancy to self-destruct, which made me reinstall Windows 3 times already just to be able to play my favourite game.

Please hear me IGG.

I could understand that you decide to abandon support on Windows Phone.
What I cant admit is your decision  to abandon your Windows Phone users.
We dedicate hundreds of hours of our lives to this game, and for some of us, some money too.

How can you just not respect us enough to give us the possibility to continue playing with our account, the one we worked so hard to build on Windows Phone, by transferring it to an Android smarphone.

This is just a matter of respect.

I'm on a phone which system is slowly dying, and this is not my fault, I just want to be able to play on Android with the data of the account I built.

That's all I'm asking for.