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[Bug & Suggestion] False advertisement at it's finest

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Posted on 5/31/18 10:51:15 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

So recently purchased the card Dark Summoner on the total spending/purchasing event. The way the card is written it states "All enemy creatures lose HP equal to 50% of their ATK". I said wow that's a really nice card and with sac 10 i don't have to worry about Bladeshards equipment effecting its Attack power because it's based off the enemy creatures atk power. After I spent 71000 gems to get the card and upgrade it, I went to use the card in arena and tournament only to notice the card isn't working as it's is working off her/the own card's attack at 3k+ attack power after sac 10 goes off, she is the target of bladeshards every time which reduces her attack to ZERO.....50% of 0 is still 0 soo now all i have is a card that is useless unless I have an Octo with 3.1k attack power. The point of all this is now i am stuck with a card that i spend 71k gems on that does nothing because at my rank 50+ everyone has bladeshards. I contacted IGG about the situation and of course i got the auto response of 
We are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. With regards to your concern, Please be informed that your concern is still in process. Kindly allow us more time in order to process it and we'll surely get back to you once the resolution is at hand. Thank you for your kind understanding" 
btw that was almost now 2 weeks that has passed by of every day of the same auto response. Finally I got a person to answer me with another auto response message of :
Thank you for patiently waiting.
We have read your concern and we do apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. With regards to it, please kindly confirm the skill name you were referring to for us to check it on our end.
We will be looking forward into your reply and we will be more than glad to assist and help you with it."

I sent them a image and description with a battle log report before this message with auto sent....

After another couple days went by they agreed with me the skill was working incorrectly and they are looking into it more to make sure and clarify what is really happening. Another day passes by they realized they screwed up retracted their statement of how i was correct and said "With regards to your concern, according to the battle report, the skill Obsidian Flame has worked, however there was an error on the skill description,. The correct is "All enemy creatures lose hp equal to #0% if this creatures ATK"..... First of all "The correct is" enough said. When i said well that's false advertising I wouldn't of purchased the card knowing it was off her Atk power...the card is pretty much junk at higher level of game play. I demand my money back or gems back its unacceptable. 

To clarify :
Card was written 
"All enemy creatures lose HP equal to 50% of their ATK"
Card is not working as written
IGG Customer Support agreed with me that the card isn't working as it's written
IGG Customer Support then realized what's really happening and fear or giving my money or gems back they recanted their statement saying "to the battle report, the skill Obsidian Flame has worked"
IGG Customer Support then said Card is suppose to say "All enemy creatures lose hp equal to #0% if this creatures ATK"
IGG Customer Support said oh well our mistake deal with it in a round about way.....explain to me how this is the correct way to run a business? False Advertising at its finest and they don't want to correct the problem....just give me my money back or my gems take the card i don't care it's shit TBH unless you have a Ronin or a High attack power Shattered Soul runed Octo on the board
I would like to add I have been playing this game since the game started and have given this company money in the past with no problems and gripes, but this is unacceptable and people need to know and stand up for what's right....bad customer service.

Posted on 5/31/18 11:06:08 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

posting this situation on FB with screen shots of all their replies also

Support whats right and stick up for ourselves,