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[Guide] [Help] - Combat

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During combat, you and your opponent will take turns playing your Cards.
Round: Each round, either you or your opponent will take your actions. At the start of your round, only Cards with a wait time of 0 can be played from your hand. Once you play your desired cards, tap Battle to enter the combat phase. When the combat phase is complete, it will be your opponent’s turn.

Deck: At the start of your round, a card will be drawn from the top of your Deck and placed into your hand.

Hand: You and your opponent will be able to see Creatures in each other’s hands. With each round, the wait time of your Creatures will go down by 1. A Creature can be played when its wait time reaches 0.

Battlefield: Only Creatures in play on the Battlefield can take part in combat. Creatures attack targets that are directly in front of them. Your Creatures will attack you opponent’s Hero if there are no Creatures directly in front of them.

Graveyard: Creatures with 0 HP will be sent to the Graveyard.

Combat: Hero Skills and Talents will be triggered first. Creatures will cast their Skills afterwards and attack from left to right.

Heroes: Heroes all have unique Skills, Talents, and Health stats. Your Hero’s Health is based on its rating and your level. Skills and Talents are all casted under different circumstances. Your Heroes build up Rage when your Creatures attack and vice versa. When a Hero’s Rage meter is full, your Hero will unleash its Skill. Talents are also triggered when the conditions are fulfilled.

Auto-Combat vs Manual Combat 
Manual Combat: Strategically decide on the order in which Creatures are played and whether you want to play any Creatures for that particular round. 
Auto-Combat: Deck Heroes will automatically play Creatures that have reached a wait time of 0 for you.
You can switch from Manual to Auto-Combat but not vice versa.

Victory: You’ll win by either destroying all of your opponent’s Creatures or by reducing their Hero’s Health to 0.

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Thanks for this!

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nice info. thanks

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help 5 card