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In Deck Heroes, Creature Cards come from one of 4 factions – Human, Faen, Mortii, and Neander. Skills vary based not only on the Creature’s faction but also the Creature’s strength. You can work towards creating the best line-up of Creatures for your Deck. Tap a Card to view more detailed information about that Creature.

Round: This represents a Card’s wait time. It’s the number of rounds a Card must wait before it can be played.

Grade: Creatures have five grades, indicated by the number of stars on the Card. More stars indicate a higher grade and stronger Card. Currently, the highest number of stars is five.

Cost: Every Creature has a Cost. The total Cost of all Creatures in the deck cannot exceed your current player Cost.

ATK and HP: Each Creature has its own ATK and HP values. In battle, ATK determines how much damage the Creature can deal to an enemy. When HP is 0, the card goes to the Graveyard.

Level: All Creatures begin at Lv 0 and can have their level increased through enhancement up to Lv 10. The higher a Creature’s level, the higher its ATK and HP values will be.

Skills: Each Creature has its own Skill. Depending on the grade and type of the Creature, it can have up to 3 Skills. Creatures unlock new Skills when they reach Lv 5 and Lv 10 resepctively. Some Creatures won’t start with any skills and must have their Skills unlocked by increasing their levels.

Card Factions: In Deck Heroes, the cards belong to one of 4 factions – Humans, Faen, Mortii, and Neanders. Cards from different factions have different effects on each other. Use this to your advantage!

Humans: This is the Human icon. Humans are strong against Mortii.
Faen: This is the Faen icon. Faen are strong against Neanders.
Mortii: This is the Mortii icon. Mortii are strong against Faen.
Neanders: This is the Neander icon. Neanders are strong against Humans.

Creature Shards:
You’ll collect Creature Shards as you play Deck Heroes. Shards can be exchanged for the corresponding Creatures in the Shards feature. You can get lots of Creature Shards from Dungeons!

Enhance Creatures
Enhance a Creature in the Enhancement Center to increase its ATK, HP, and unlock new Skills. 
To enhance, select the Creature that you want to enhance, then select the enhancement materials. 

Enhancement Materials: Enhancement Essences or unwanted Creatures can be sacrificed to enhance other Creatures. All sacrificed Cards will be permanently removed.

Creature Level: The selected Creature will earn EXP based on the enhancement materials used in the enhancement. When a Creature earns enough EXP to level up, its ATK and HP will increase.

Unlocking Skills: A Creature’s additional Skills will unlock at Lv 5 and 10 respectively.

Preview: You can preview the following details before enhancing a Creature.
Level - The EXP bar shows the amount of EXP and Level that will be earned by your Creature during this enhancement.
ATK - Your current ATK will be displayed in white. Any increase will be displayed in Green.
HP - Your current HP will be displayed in white. Any increase will be displayed in Green.
Skill - The skill icon and name will be displayed if a skill will unlock after enhancement.

Welcome to Deck Heroes!
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you see the flame brave card - what is the number for, in the little gold bag (bottom right corner). It says 13 in the image above - i have never understood what this is

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I wanted to ask, I have some creatures which I want to use to enhance my 5* dragon, and they cant be used and have a little lock on them. How did this happen and how can I "unlock" them? 

thx a lot

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Why is melding so damn expensive??? I would love to be able to get a decent 4th skill but just not worth the money or cards needed.

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Güzel oyun

Firat cihan yali
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Supbirlontro gulizi proje kaleyksturi

Firat cihan yali
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Thanks for making these

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You're welcome :)