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Tap the Deck icon in the menu on the main screen to open the Deck interface. A Deck is your basic Battle team and consists of 1 Hero and a variety of Creatures. 

Edit Deck: Tap Edit Deck to open the Deck editing interface. Here you can edit the Hero and Creatures in your Deck and arrange them in any combination you desire. 

Cost: Displays the total Cost of your deck as well as the Cost offered by your Hero. The total Cost of your deck can’t exceed your Hero’s current Cost. 

Sort: You may choose to sort your collection based on Factions or Skills to make it easier for you to find a specific Creature. 

Save Deck: Tap the Save button to save your changes. If you exit without saving first, the changes you made to your deck will not be saved.

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How does one increase the cost?

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Learn something new everyday

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You're welcome :)